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Vum Hobby-Wrestler zum Superstar...

Leschten Update: 08.01.2019, 15:16:18

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Deene meeschte vun Iech misst de Numm Dwayne Johnson e Begrëff sinn. Ma wat vill Leit net wëssen, viru senger Schauspill-Karriär war den US-Amerikaner als Wrestler ënnert dem Numm The Rock ënnerwee. Sou och am neie Film Fighting With My Family.

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‪In 2012 I watched a documentary about a young, unknown British female pro wrestler & her wonderfully crazy and loving wrestling family. I loved it and instantly identified with her and her family — because it reminded me of MY wonderfully, loving and fucking crazy wrestling family. Many of you know my history;) ‪I knew it was a story that I had to tell along with our @sevenbucksprod team. That girl who I saw in that documentary would go on to superstardom as the @RealPaigeWWE along with her relentless female co-workers wound help redefine and usher the spectacular @WWE women’s wrestling the world enjoys today. The PERFECT actress to embody Paige and bring her story to life is my homegirl and absolutely brilliant actress @florencepugh. Florence took “commitment” to the next level. To write and direct this unique, one of a kind wrestling “slice of life” comedy is my long time buddy, brilliant collaborator and twin, @stephenmerchant. Here’s a taste of our first trailer. WATCH THE FULL TRAILER IN MY BIO 👆🏾 #FightingWithMyFamily ‬ @MGM_Studios @kevin.misher @danygarciaco @sevenbucksprod

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Am Film geet et ëm d’Paige an de Zack, déi vun der WWE zu engem Casting invitéiert ginn. D’Geschwëster mierken allerdéngs, dass op hirem Wee zum Superstar, net just hiert Talent, ma och hir Bezéiung ënner Beweis gestallt gëtt.

Am Februar soll Fighting With My Family an de Kino kommen.