Mam Anne Klein (Actrice, Comedian a Life Coach) presentéiert Eldoradio den éischte Podcast op Englesch.

D'Anne Klein beschäftegt sech 2x de Mount op eng locker Aart a Weis mam Thema Gléck an Zefriddenheet esou, datt dir méi wéi eng Kéier musst schmunzelen.

My Goddamn Quest for Happiness

A podcast all about happiness! With a twist? Maybe.

Presented by actor, comedian and life coach (what?!?) Anne Klein, it delves into all things happiness. It debunks some myths, uncovers the truth that curling up in a ball does not actually improve your happiness and looks into what you can do to achieve this elusive thing called happiness.

Attempting to make you laugh more than making you cringe, it should give you your bi-weekly dose of positivity and information (Including studies. Anne LOVES studies).

#3: With a little Help from my Friends - Social Connection
(May 2020)

What’s the number one predictor for long-term happiness and health? What does Veronica Mars have to do with all of this? (The answer to this is: Absolutely nothing) And how can I incorporate this into my life? This and more, shall be answered by Anne Klein.

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